A few smallish platforms, a trampoline, a teeterboard and four men…

Four acrobats watch each other, gauge, run into, carry, throw each other and sweep us along in their physical and metaphorical dance: meetings, exploits, mistakes, power games, seductions, manipulations, a mosaic made up of fragments of life, a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of human relationships.

A circus in constant movement: strong, poetic, funny and heart-warming; a show, which inspires real tenderness for the strange beast that is the human being.

Brought to Spraoi 2018 with the assistance of Institut Ramon Llull.

Performers:  Armando Rabanera Muro, Fabio Nicolini, Fabrizio Giannini, Eduardo Lucas Muñoz de Lucas
Directed by: Compañía de Circo “eia” and Jordi Aspa
Original Soundtrack: Cristiano Della Monica
Lighting: Sarah Filmer “SANKEY”
Set design and construction: Compañía de Circo “eia” and El Taller del Lagarto
Costumes: Fanny Fredouelle, Rosa Crehuet, Maru Shima
Choreography: Michelle Man