Every year hundreds of people volunteer their time and energy to Spraoi productions and in particular to our summer events, the Spraoi Parade, and the Spraoi Festival. Young and old, from all walks of life, and from all areas within the city and without. They all pull together to make these events the success they are. That voluntary commitment, the energy and drive given by so many people, creates a sense of ownership of these events throughout Waterford. It is that sense of ownership that gives Spraoi such a unique atmosphere and enables the company to achieve it’s dreams. Each year a new generation of volunteers get “stuck in”. It is with these people that the true opportunities lie.



Why do they do it? We asked…

“I volunteer because of the amazing people I meet every year who work hard and volunteer their time for Waterford. The atmosphere during the festival is incredible. I look forward to it every year.”
Maria McEvoy, Area Manager

“Its great craic, you experience the festival in full flight. There’s always a great buzz around and you’re in the middle of it all. You see much more and yet still get plenty of time to enjoy it.”
Eimear O’Donoghue, Act Liaison

“I absolutely love being involved in the Spraoi parades. The sense of wonder and delight from the audience never fails to give me a huge high.”
Rory Dowling, Parade Performer

“Volunteers of all ages come from near and far year after year to be involved in the unique experience that is Spraoi. Spraoi value volunteers – volunteers value Spraoi. It’s a two way partnership that is rewarding and successful for all.”
Lilly O’Reilly, Steward

“I love the friendly atmosphere in the studios. Also it’s great work experience, and a good excuse to get your clothes dirty!”
Sean O’Sullivan, Parade Construction

“To be part of something so amazing really instils you with a sense of pride. Who’d have thought crowd control could be so much fun?”
Danny O’Dwyer, Steward

Volunteers are involved in just about every aspect of Spraoi’s work, including

  • Performance
  • Crowd Control
  • Act Liaison
  • Stage Management
  • Sound/Light
  • Percussion workshops and performance
  • Administration
  • Construction
  • Festival Volunteer Liason

Are you interested in volunteering with Spraoi? If so, we’d love to hear from you.
Tel: 051-841808 or email Vicky Wall for an Application Form.

Click here for Spraoi’s Statement of Volunteer Policy