Spraoi International Street Arts Festival 2015 will present an exciting Programme of street performances.

the street thumb

The Street

“Destiny is written on the dance floor and we know how to read!” Brothers, Famous Seamus and Sean-tastic, return to Belfast driven by a lust for fame but broken by a talent for failure! Satire, Surreal and Silly all wrapped … Continued

Skryf The Sand Writer

Skryf The Sand Writer

‘Skryf’ the sand writer moves forward leaving a stream of letters behind him. ‘Skryf’ refers to the fact that everything is transitory. An almost irrelevant pile of sand creates the magic of the word. Human beings, nature and the passage … Continued


Sit Back

Moxie Brawl Company: Moxie Brawl Nationality: UK Moxie Brawl are a contemporary dance company, led by the choreographer Sarah Blanc whose works are aimed at involving the audience and making them take part in experiences through dance. This street dance-theatre … Continued

Cirque Exalte

Furieuse Tendresse

Cirque Exalte’s Furieuse Tendresse takes inspiration from Patti Smith’s album ‘Horses”, a concentration of savage rock and of ardent poetry. Through the deafening crash of intense acrobatics and frenzied poetry, they celebrate liberty joyously, with a rocking soundtrack. They strive to awaken and … Continued


Cirque Démocratique De La Belgique

Le Cirque Démocratique de la Belgique is ‘very Belgian’ and therefore absolutely democratic: the public has the right and the obligation to vote and to decide what will happen. By public vote, this street-cabaret goes from juggling plates and tap … Continued

Captain Maravilla Thumb

Monkey A Monkey B

A weird and wonderful acrobatic comedy from Spain company Capitan Maravilla who monkey around as they somersault over a specially customised Mini Cooper full of surprises. Monkey A Monkey B, the two leading monkeys, give a performance that has to be … Continued


The Billy Kidd Show

A high energetic show filled with mind reading, a hilarious routine based on Houdini’s straight jacket escape, lots of audience participation and one of the oldest magic tricks in the world. Watch as Billy turns paper to money, finds a … Continued

Mr Mustache

Mr Mustache

An eccentric lovesick man who sees love everywhere, Mr Mustache silently tells us his hilarious love story. Will he be able to succeed in conquering the girl? In love the unexpected is always just around the corner… Mr Mustache studied … Continued

Circus Jukebox

Circus Jukebox

Fanzini Recording Company presents a new limited edition long player “Circus Jukebox,” the greatest circus hits this side of a 45! Inspired by the glory days of vinyl, dance floors and diners, we bring a bespoke stage, a human size … Continued



INFERNO is a spectacular Fire Show that combines a unique cross-section of Circus Skills, Comedy, Physical Theatre, Pyromania, and features some of Ireland’s foremost fire performers within their element. The performers will light up Spraoi with their graceful and fascinating techniques, … Continued