A duo of acrobats rests six meters high, fed by the most suffering tension, ready to break anything that may seem to be standing still. The manoAmano Company exhibits how acrobatics takes a new shape when it is transferred from … Continued

Joli Vyann - H2H

Joli Vyann

Joli Vyann is an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre, pulling the audience into a theatrical experience, blurring the boundaries of where the dance ends and the circus skills begin.Through the creation of cute and quirky relationships Joli Vyann … Continued

David Moreno - Floten Tecles

David Moreno

Is it a cloud? A toy theatre? Or a piano? Is it a kaleidoscope? Or a cinema screen? Is this a concert? A live soundtrack? Or music made visible? An airborne pianist who lifts his music up to the sky, … Continued

Big Bugs

Big Bugs

  Concerned citizens report that there have been sightings of giant beetles in various cities in Europe. These creatures seem to have been attracted by the large amount of junk food available to them in and around the big cities. … Continued

Aristobulle - 24 Hours in Time


A magical mix of street entertainment and cabaret starring: Robert, a genius totally disconnected from reality; Patrick, an exceptional and ambitious magician and Denise, the fish. Take a step back in time! A dive into the twists and turns of … Continued