Spraoi International Street Arts Festival 2015 will present an exciting Programme of street performances.


Sit Back

Moxie Brawl Company: Moxie Brawl Nationality: UK Moxie Brawl are a contemporary dance company, led by the choreographer Sarah Blanc whose works are aimed at involving the audience and making them take part in experiences through dance. This street dance-theatre … Continued

Cirque Exalte

Furieuse Tendresse

Cirque Exalte’s Furieuse Tendresse takes inspiration from Patti Smith’s album ‘Horses”, a concentration of savage rock and of ardent poetry. Through the deafening crash of intense acrobatics and frenzied poetry, they celebrate liberty joyously, with a rocking soundtrack. They strive to awaken and … Continued


Cirque Démocratique De La Belgique

Le Cirque Démocratique de la Belgique is ‘very Belgian’ and therefore absolutely democratic: the public has the right and the obligation to vote and to decide what will happen. By public vote, this street-cabaret goes from juggling plates and tap … Continued

Captain Maravilla Thumb

Monkey A Monkey B

A weird and wonderful acrobatic comedy from Spain company Capitan Maravilla who monkey around as they somersault over a specially customised Mini Cooper full of surprises. Monkey A Monkey B, the two leading monkeys, give a performance that has to be … Continued


The Billy Kidd Show

A high energetic show filled with mind reading, a hilarious routine based on Houdini’s straight jacket escape, lots of audience participation and one of the oldest magic tricks in the world. Watch as Billy turns paper to money, finds a … Continued