Join us for the Spraoi Parade on Sunday the 6th of August at 9.30pm!


Source to Sea

From the Devil’s Bit to the Quays of Waterford the river Suir journeys from an ankle-deep stream to the mighty Atlantic. Be it cascading over weirs, meandering through pools or pushing under stone bridges the Suir constantly journeys through our lives. From source to sea it teems with fish and fowl, carrying memories and stories until it disappears into the ocean at Hook Head.

Join us for the 25th Spraoi Parade as we explore the stories and images of this everchanging river, Sunday August 6th 9.30pm!

Parade Information

  • The parade will begin at Johnstown Industrial Estate at 9.30pm and progress via Johns Street, Michael Street, Broad Street, John Roberts Square and Barronstrand Street to its finish on the Quay.
  • Traffic diversions and restrictions will occur as the parade moves along the route. There will be absolutely no parking allowed on the parade route, so please try to leave the car behind.
  • There will be three fixed ambulance points along the route. Our stewards will guide you to these if required.
  • For the Spraoi Parade and Fireworks there will be a specially cordoned off viewing area for the physically disabled and those with special needs on The Quays at the bottom of Keizer Street. The area will be accessible by vehicle from the Reginald’s Tower end of The Quays up to 9pm.
  • For situations involving lost children please go to the nearest steward. They will contact the Spraoi Child Welfare officers.
  • Please follow any directions given by and be courteous to our stewards. They are there in a purely voluntary capacity for the safety of both the audience and the performers.

Parade Map

Spraoi Parade Map 2015