Does a spider in the bath make you squirm? Does a wasp in your hair send you running? If so, then, this year’s Spraoi Parade, “BUGS”, might drive you to distraction.

Spraoi look under the magnifying glass and take inspiration from swarms, colonies, webs and hives. Be prepared for our collection of BUGS to hit the streets. Watch them fly, scurry, jump and crawl as Spraoi unleash all manner of creepy crawly creatures.

Yet again we bring together a multitude of fantastic construction artists, musicians, dancers and performers to the streets and quays of Waterford City. We welcome, you, our audience to come see this magical spectacle if you dare!

The Spraoi Parade is now a landmark cultural event, one of the largest outdoor arts events in Ireland. It’s mesmerising, astonishing, exciting, a combination of giant creations, props and over 300 costumed performers. It’s a feast for all the senses. Join us on Sunday evening for an unforgettable experience.

Very special thanks to the team at Clem Jacob Hire. Spraoi is very proud to be associated with this true Waterford Company that has provided the festival with 24/7 technical support and friendship as we serve Waterford together.