Maxol Plaza Stage

The Maxol Plaza Stage returns for another fantastic line up of local and world music..


EskiesThe Eskies, Saturday 3pm

Purveyors of music
that meanders
from sea-soaked
waltz to Italian
tarantella, The
Eskies invite you to
savour their unique brand of folk noir/ gypsy jazz/sea shanty and swaggering stage spectacle. Their high-octane whimsy fuels hearts and compulsory toe-tapping.


ThankFunkThank Funk, Saturday 4.15pm

The band fuses
funk, disco and
soul into a show
that cannot be
beaten. Performing
material from classics
to the charts with energy, style, great musicianship and vocal flourishes, Thank Funk have attracted audiences to venues and festivals across Ireland.


47Soul47Soul, Saturday 5.45pm, Sunday 3pm

47SOUL formed in
Amman, Jordan in
2013. Their powerful
mix of the centuries
old Arabic debka
sound, analogue
synthesisers, hypnotic
guitar lines and shattering verses from four singers has helped them to rapidly amass fans throughout the Middle East and Europe.


GDuffyGrainne Duffy, Saturday 7pm

Top-drawer blues
performer, offering
acoustic and electric
guitar licks to
accompany a Mississippi
Delta soaked vocal. Her contemporary take on the blues has featured at festivals throughout Europe this summer.


HoganHogan, Saturday 8.15pm

Hogan has gathered cart-loads of positive reviews for their first two albums. The band has established a firm fan-base in Europe, particularly Germany and their
tracks are featured on
 an array of top radio stations.


SweetifeSocietyThe Sweet Life Society, Saturday 9.15pm, Sunday 6.45pm

The creaking sound of old school vinyl is mixed with contemporary tunes
by two producers – Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini – and performed live accompanied by an eclectic ensemble made up of sax, live singing and scratching – mind- bending originality, catch ‘em!


NewYorkBrassBandNew York
Brass Band
, Sunday 4.15pm

The band takes
inspiration from
contemporary New
Orleans musicians,
with funky, gritty
originals thrown in for good measure. Expect Marvin Gaye, George Michael and Stevie Wonder classics – delivered with powerful punch and wailing horns.

Two Time Polka, Sunday 5.15pm

Guitars, bass, drums, mandolin, and accordion drive the Cajun sound of this band with classic rhythms and punchy vocals. Brilliant musicianship combines with a swing-sound that defies toes to tap and makes Two Time Polka an infectious, danceable festival band.


ShowhawkDuoThe Showhawk Duo, Sunday, 8pm

Two guys, two acoustic guitars – a modest set-up – yet these
guys have travelled the globe winning mega-audiences in the real world and in
cyber-land. Festival credits include Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Electric Picnic.


Cut Capers, Sunday, 9pmCutCapers

Cut Capers is an eight-piece band, with a style based in
hip-hop, swing, ska
and roots reggae. Combining tight
grooves and a big
sound featuring
UK and Spanish
MCs, soulful female vocals and a dynamic 3-piece brass section.