Feathers Ensemble – In the City Still

Three performers puts their bodies to the test of stillness in a fast-paced world of concrete

In the City Still




“We are bodies in the city. Constantly moving in it, with it, because of it. What if we chose stillness instead? Would we integrate or resist? Would it enable or restrict us?” 

In an exploration mixing acrobatics, music and striking imagery, three performers test the stillness of bodies, in a fast-paced world of concrete. Skin on stones, bricks under bones; watch tales emerge and questions raise in this promenade performance as they stand still in an ever-moving city. 


Please note:  This is a promenade performance. Please assemble at Reginalds Tower, The Quay, 15 minutes before each performance time. 


Performers: Nicola Moran, Judenald Marcus Penders, Seve Feathers 

Concept & Direction: Seve Feathers 

Costumes: Judenald Marcus Penders