Three of a Kind



Whilst there is no ‘story’ and no definable characters, the appearance of 3 middle aged men in suits and ties nonetheless evokes many images and emotions. Have they escaped from some office somewhere? Have they been stuck in this appearance for years on end? They are clearly lost and struggling to work out where they are going and what they are supposed to do. Out of habit and for safety’s sake, they move in chorus, almost like a herd of animals, helping each other as they stumble and fall, grooming and caring for each other.

With time, the obsessive drive to carry on gradually gives way to a sense of exhaustion and desperation. Fractures appear in the cohesion of the group, creating instability and doubt. The physical separation that ensues draws them into chance encounters with different members of the audience, who in turn emerge as figures of comfort, of menace, of familiarity, or support. Unable to carry on, the trio splits. The need to break free, to escape the claustrophobia of the group, leads to scenes of antagonism, confrontation, and rebellion. From conformity and cooperation to individualism and chaos.  Will they find a way out?

Performed by: Craig Weston, Gordon Wilson & Markus Siebert.