Mira T



A giant set of scales stands in the centre of the stage…

MiraT plays with an exchange of perspectives, both introspective and open. From him to himself, from you to him and from him to you. Observing oneself, confronted with one’s own sense of loneliness, making the decision to embark on a journey of self discovery, and transcribing this onto the stage.

MiraT is an invitation to observe oneself without complacency or arrogance, but with humour and self-derision.  In constant pursuit of stability and balance; swinging, spinning and dancing.

Brought to Spraoi 2018 with the assistance of Institut Ramon Llull.

Concept, Production and Interpretation:   Jordi Panareda / Circ Pànic
Direction:   Piero Steiner & Stéphanie Coppé
Movement Advisor:   Lali Ayguadé
Musical Composition and Interpretation:   Sasha Agranov
Visuals:   Roberto Paparcone
Set design and Construction:   Jordi Panareda
Costume Design and Production:   pendent de confirmar
With the support of:   Festival Sismògraf (Olot), CCBW (Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon-Belgique), La Vela de l’Estruch (Sabadell), La Mar 
de Circ (Vila Real) i Fira Tàrrega.