Company Chameleon – Of Man and Beast

’Beautifully revealing…Unforgettably good.’

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian ★ ★ ★ ★



An unforgettable outdoor dance piece, exploring the many faces of masculinity, and providing a powerful and sensitive look at male group dynamics and behaviour. Bravado is high and aggression is rife – you’ve got to be tough and fast to be part of the gang. When cracks in the group begin to appear, the characters are forced to question their individual identity and what it means to belong. 

Laugh out loud funny in parts, dark and menacing in others, don’t miss the chance to see this stand out piece of dance theatre. 

‘Imaginative and entertainingly choreographed…The athleticism and gymnastic ability on display is exhilarating.’

Carmel Thomason, What’s on Stage

Performers : Kevin Turner, Theo Fapohunda, Lee Clayden, Thomasin Gulgec, David Colley 

Founded in 2007, Company Chameleon make original, inspiring dance theatre in Manchester and perform across the UK and the world, staging over 50 indoor and outdoor performances every year. In 2019 the company welcomed Dame Darcy Bussell on board as their first ever Patron.