Page 7 - Spraoi Brochure 2019
P. 7

        The Tamarros
Map-marker-alt O’Connell St. clock 8pm Summon up that disco fever! This is a marching band like no other, dressed up with wigs, mirrored sunglasses, flared trousers and a rainbow of glitter and sequins.
The Friendship Band
Map-marker-alt Barronstrand St. clock 8.15pm ‘Carnival’ style entertainment, with an upbeat choice of music and striking uniforms.
New York Brass Band
Map-marker-alt Cathedral Square clock 8.15pm Blurring the line between band and audience, they
invite the crowd
to become part
of the show,
dancing on tables
or congaing under the stars. A 7-piece packing a powerful punch of relentless drums, rumbling tuba and wailing horns.

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