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    In the City Still
Feathers Ensemble IRELAND
“We are bodies in the city.
Constantly moving in it, with it, because of it. What if we chose
stillness instead? Would we integrate or resist? Would it enable or restrict us?”
In an exploration mixing acrobatics, music and striking imagery, three performers test the stillness of bodies, in a fast-paced world of concrete. Skin on stones, bricks under bones; watch tales emerge and questions raise in this promenade performance as they stand still in an ever-moving city.
Please note: This is a promenade performance. Please assemble at Reginalds Tower, The Quay, 15 minutes before each performance time.
Performers: Nicola Moran, Judenald Marcus Penders, Seve Feathers Concept & Direction: Seve Feathers Costumes: Judenald Marcus Penders
Síolta Circus IRELAND
Formed in 2018, Síolta Circus are inspired
to break the mould for a circus company and bring the enjoyment of high skill ground based circus to the streets. They fuse diverse art forms such as dance, music , theatre and circus to tell stories that embrace and captivate.
Their new show, “Seeds”, combines beautiful imagery with bursts of light- heartedness, brute strength with moments of raw emotion, ’Seeds’ challenges your expectations of what is possible with the human body. A contemporary circus show with an Irish sense of humour. Serious. Skillful. Silly.
Performers: Ali Stanger, Jacob Anderson, Gracie Marshall, Aoife Raleigh and Henrik Gard Director: Paddy Waters
Music: Edan Ray
Supported by: Arts Council Ireland, Irish Aerial Creation Centre, C.IN.E Sineu and EJC’14
The Fanzinis IRELAND
A new body of experiential work from
The Fanzini Spailpínis. A brief but glorious experience of your life’s most exquisite moments inside their beautiful bespoke venue. Spailp is a show for 5 minutes for 5 people at a time for ages 5 and over.
One of Ireland’s longest established street arts companies, The Fanzinis have performed shows all over Ireland, and around the world. They will bring this unique installation piece to Spraoi for 3 days, for 3 hours each day.
“A little tent of dreams.” Hannes Jung Performers: Con Horgan
and Kim Mc Cafferty Director: Adrian Schvarzstein

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