Page 31 - Spraoi Brochure 2019
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      Day by Day, Hour by Hour
į Please follow any directions given by, and be courteous to, our stewards. They are there in a voluntary capacity for the safety of both the audience and the performers.
į If you can at all, Sit Down! It really does mean more people get to see the shows.
į For situations involving lost children, please go to the nearest steward. They will contact the Spraoi Child Welfare Officers.
į There are two SE2 information points, one in JR Sq., and one on the Mall.
į The Order of Malta are on duty all weekend, so if you do require
first aid ask a Spraoi Steward to locate the closest one.
į There are fixed water points around the city for the festival weekend, clearly marked on the map. Please refill your water bottles at these points and help reduce the amount of single use plastic.
               FRIDAY 10.30am-10pm
                   John Robert’s Square
Hanover St.
Meet at Reginalds Tower
Cathedral Square
Barronstrand St.
Sanofi Spraoi Orchestra
Sanofi Spraoi Orchestra
Brass Tracks
The Big Bang
                          Broad St.
                      Roaring Clubsters
                         NEST Stage
Roaring Clubsters
The Tamarros
       Gladstone St.
                                 In the City Still (promenade show)
In the City Still (promenade show)
Always Drinking Marching Band
                          New York Brass Band
                                        St Patricks Gateway, Patrick St.
City of WD Brass
                                                      Garter Lane
The Friendship Band
     Christendom Square
Christendom Mews
 Christendom Mews
Christendom Avenue
Christendom Mews
Christendom Mews
Christendom Mews
 Adelphi Quay
    e's Quay
           10:30am 5.00 5.15 5.30 5.45 6.00 6.15 6.30 7.00 7.15 7.30 7.45 8.00 8.15 8.30 8.45 9.00 9.15 9.30 10.00
Canada St.
Dunmore Road

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