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 Monday 29th
A Turtle’s Tale Sammy’s Adventures
In this epic global adventure story a young sea turtles romantic quest for his first, lost love, a fellow hatchling, born on the same Californian beach, takes him on a marathon voyage across the seven seas, to the furthest corners of the earth.
In a world under increasing threat from environmental pollution, can Sammy the sea turtle complete his dangerous 50 year mission and find his soul mate Shelly and the happiness they deserve?
3.00pm (All Ages)
Thursday 1st
Whispering Wave
Can you hear the waves whispering?
This is a storytelling performance featuring a small boat and stories of the sea. It centres around a meeting with an old fisherman who asks ‘can you hear? Can you hear the waves whispering?’ He then recounts stories of strange creatures from
the sea, of a fairy wave and unusual burial rituals.
Whispering Wave marries Joe
Brennan’s storytelling skills with theatrical elements to bring you on an amazing adventure.
11am – 12pm (9-12yrs)
Tuesday 30th
Baby Boogie
Enjoy music and dance with your little
one in a workshop specially designed for parents, guardians, babies, and toddlers. Dance artists Jess Rowell will guide you in an exploration of movement, colour and rhythm.
Please note this workshop involves parent/ guardian participation so please wear comfortable clothes.
10.00am – 11.00am (0-1yrs) 11.30am-12.30pm (2-3yrs)
Friday 2nd
Bubbly Bubbles Show
The Maths and Science
of Soap Bubbles
Big Bubbles, little bubbles, square bubbles and people in bubbles- just how many people can we fit in a bubble? Magnificent bubbles and how they work, what they mean and why they are so useful. The audience will interact, learn some science and have loads of fun.
Aimed at families, enjoyed by all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult during performances.
2.00pm (+5yrs)
4.00pm (+5yrs)
Wednesday 31st
Star Boy
One small boy. One magical box. One big adventure.
Star Boy is a tale of a small boy who loves to explore. Falling asleep one night he sees a shooting star and decides to go in search of it. His quest to capture the star takes him through the dark woods, over and under the sea and finally into space.
But does he get his star?
10.00am – 10.45am (+3yrs) 11.30am – 12.15pm (+3yrs)
Saturday 3rd
The Juggling Scientist
Scientist... teacher... circus performer and Guinness World Record holding juggler is back for a fast-paced show with a spectacular performance. Children must be accompanied by an adult during performances.
3.00pm (+5yrs)

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