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         Welcome to the Spraoi Festival
The thing about street arts is that it enables all of society to truly come together and experience the arts in all its varied manifestations. To marvel at circus, spectacle and dance. To listen and enjoy music. To be entertained, to be inspired, and to do this in the company of all, young and old, with no economic barriers or social divisions. In these days
of uncertainty and strife, this ability to speak to all has never been more important.
Enjoy and be part of the Spraoi Festival
Mike Leahy Artistic Director
Gimme ¤5
Spraoi is worth a FIVER
So donate when you see the signs. Spraoi is free. It’s open to all. It’s inclusive. It’s for everyone to enjoy. But it costs. So please support Spraoi, and ensure
its future, by donating ¤5.
You can also donate online at
Spraoi Parade 2019
More than two thirds of the surface of the earth is covered by ocean, but only a tiny fraction of it has been explored. This deep
and mysterious realm is teeming with life and wonders that we can only dream of.
That is, until now! A group of intrepid explorers have searched the depths and discovered astonishing things! They have curated a selection of the creatures and phenomena they found, and this is your chance to wonder at the mysteries and marvels they uncovered.
A psychedelic creation, unleashed onto the streets and quays of Waterford City. Join Spraoi on Sunday evening for an unforgettable experience.
Parade Route:
Beginning at Johnstown, the parade will progress via John’s St., Michael St., Broad St., JR Square and Barronstrand St., and finish on the Quay. Traffic diversions and restrictions will occur as the parade moves along the route, and
there will be absolutely no parking on the route.
A special viewing area for those with special needs will be on the roundabout beside the G.P.O. on the Quay. There are fixed ambulance points along the route, which our stewards will guide you towards, if required.
Very special thanks to sponsors Clem Jacob Hire for their skill, service and support.

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