Page 18 - Spraoi Brochure 2019
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                            Sanofi Spraoi Orchestra
Sanofi has been one of Spraoi’s most important partnerships over the last number of years. The Sanofi Spraoi Orchestra is a music education programme, involving 25 young people between the ages of 12 and 16, based in the Spraoi Studios in Carrickpherish. Led by Conor Walsh from WAMA,
the group will launch Spraoi at 5pm on Friday in JR Square, and perform over the three days of the festival. This percussion project is made possible with the support of Spraoi’s neighbours and partners, Sanofi.
Rebel Brass
A 15-piece teenage band (the youngest member is just twelve!) that came together from a music education partnership between Music Generation Cork City
and Cork’s Barrack Street Band. They have been mentored by the New York Brass Band, Code of Behaviour and Booka Brass since their fateful first day at the Cork Jazz Festival. Full of energy and soul, and only a year into their career, these livewires are guaranteed to put on a show not to be missed!

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