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  Mbilou &
Kakatsitsi Master
Mbilou is an ‘Nganga’, a spiritual healer and ceremony leader from the Bwiti peoples of Equatorial Africa. He plays the Mungongo (the mouth bow with the monostring), the Ngoma-Ngombi (the sacred harp that speaks the voice of the ancestors), the Etsika (the Ciessi horse antelope horn used to call spirits) as well as various drums, shakers and bells.
He is supported by the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana who have established themselves as one of the leading African drumming groups currently touring outside Africa, renowned for the quality of their singing and their accessible, funky, danceable drumming grooves.
       City of Waterford Brass
A Tribute to ABBA
Firm favourites with the Spraoi audience, this Waterford Brass Band believe in bringing something new to its audience, a tradition which goes back 87 years.
For Spraoi 2019, their special festival set will feature the hits of ABBA. They’ll be suitably seventies dressed, and
with plenty of audience interaction, it’ll be a sure fire winner with audiences. So come along and join the fun!
WAMA Drummers
Born out of The Waterford Academy of Music & Arts, the all new WAMA Drumming Band will thunder into the Spraoi Festival with their unique blend of toe tapping beats
and head nodding grooves. With influences from Rock, Techno, Metal and Hip Hop, expect energy, noise and fun!

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