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        Street Music
    Always Drinking Marching Band
A company of 9 musicians, actors, technicians, dancers and pub poets who have been performing in the streets throughout Spain and around the world since 1997. Their name refers to the Mediterranean way of life - socializing in the streets, hanging out with friends in the squares, having some beers and tapas- “Always drinking!”.
The band works on taking their shows to every corner of the world, and strongly believes that the energy that results from combining good music and good humour is universal; it resonates in China and in Helsinki as well as in Bogotá and in Rabat.
Guaranteed to bring high quality music and sharp humour to the streets of Waterford.
                                       The Tamarros
Summon up that disco fever! This is a marching band like no other, dressed up with wigs, mirrored sunglasses, flared trousers and a rainbow of glitter and sequins. Boogie along to classic dance hits like I Will Survive, Sex Bomb and My Sharona in a musical performance filled with gags, choreography ...
and embarrassing situations!
An 11 piece street band from Italy, The Tamarros have played all over the world, but this is their first visit to Ireland. Get ready Waterford; you’ve never seen anything like this before!

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