Page 14 - Spraoi Brochure 2019
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Traces Dance Ensemble, who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, return to Spraoi with an incredible new dance work. This is a performance not to be missed.
Traces is a unique contemporary dance company based in Waterford, with a well-earned reputation for challenging perceptions about dance and (dis) ability. They create and present work that communicates potent messages of empowerment and identity, rooted in the dancers own reflection, their personal challenges and their role as advocates for human rights and inclusion of people with
Down Syndrome.
Choreography: Dance Artist in Residence at Garter Lane Arts Centre, Dee Grant.
This new work is kindly supported by a Performance Project Grant from Waterford City & County Council.
La Mecanica & Los Rabinovich
The Rabinovich brothers come from far away. Three strangers
in space and time, they don’t
know the people, their language or their customs; but in their
suitcase they bring music, laughs and smiles. An itinerant musical clown
show that unites all our hearts and in the presence of so many strangers you never know what can happen!
Performers: Chema Bestard, Antonio Lara, Miguel
Ángel Bestard.
Director: Pau Bachero Assistant Director:
Mon Joan Tiquant
Executive Producer: Gala Peire.

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