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 Morbid & Sons
The Pop-up Funeral Shop
Curious State IRELAND
Business is dead! No one is dying anymore and The Morbid Family is struggling to make ends meet. Poverty has forced them to take to the streets to sell death to the living so join them as they attempt to put the “fun” back into funerals! They hope to drum up some much-needed trade by travelling from town to town with their Victorian “pop-
up funeral shop”. With humorous songs about hideous deaths and the afterlife, this interactive, macabre experience
is a musical treat for all the family!
Performers: Nicholas Kavanagh, Kate Powell, Cilian Jacob, Ciara Kavanagh and Killian Browne
Curious State are experts in creative intervention, taking to the stage and street with quirky theatre for all the family, and reclaiming public spaces with captivating antics and laughter.
Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman meets Merel Kamp HOLLAND
An over the top romantic comedy in the style of a traditional silent movie. A man and a woman are suspended from springs limiting their freedom
of movement, resulting in a delayed, clumsy and caricature performance. From the first time they meet, till the inevitable “they lived happily ever after”.
A spectacular visual show in which the cliché’s build up to a tragicomic love story.
Merel Kamp creates visual theatre
performances, solo or in collaboration with others and has performed at
numerous festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Merel Kamp’s work is characterized by a strong visual language, telling a story with a single image.
Performers: Jos van Wees and Merel Kamp Director: Vincent de Rooij

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