Page 11 - Spraoi Brochure 2019
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TeaTime Company IRL/BEL/NL
Stick-Stok is an ode to modern society. We built these sticks to
jump higher, to propel ourselves further, to move faster. Now
we cannot stop them, we
try and we fail. We adapt to them and use them to our advantage but in the end perhaps they are just using us.
Coaching: Pia Meuthen Music: Julian Vogel
Co-production: Circusstad Festival
Outside-eye: Erik Kaiel
Baba Yaga’s House
Dizzy O’Dare UK
Are you brave enough to find Baba
Yaga‘s House? This ramshackle old cottage roams the land on chicken
legs, while Baba Yaga flies across the landscape in her giant pestle and
mortar. After centuries asleep, Baba Yaga flies again... and she’s hungry! The old crone will stop at nothing to find a feast while Izba, her house, trundles behind. Inspired by Slavic fairy tales, Dizzy O’Dare bring this unique story to life in a charming walkabout show. A contemporary circus and outdoor theatre company, founded
in 2009, the company has created a range of roam about work for all ages. They have toured extensively and delighted audiences across the globe. Supported by Without Walls, Seachange Arts and Norwich & Norfolk Festival.

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