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             between dance, circus, theatre, Performer: Joan Català and performance: between the
audience and the show. A changing
and unique spectacle as a result of
                                           Belly of the Whale
Ockham’s Razor UK
Circus meets sculpture in this exciting
new show for audiences of all ages. The performers, like surfers on a wild sea, ride a giant semi-circular see-saw made of wood and steel which creaks and groans as it transforms from a catapult, to a gently rocking cradle, a tunnel, a slide - creating an ever-changing land and soundscape.
Performers: Amanda Homa, Nathan Johnston and Stefano di Renzo Director: Tina Koch
Producer: Turtle Key Arts
Sound: Gabriele Pierro Costumes: Tina Bicat
Belly of the Whale is commissioned by Without Walls and supported by Arts Council England.
Ockham’s Razor is an aerial theatre company, combining circus and visual theatre. Founded in 2004, the company specialise in creating physical theatre on original pieces of aerial equipment, and create stories from the vulnerability, trust and reliance that exist between people
in the air. The company has performed in theatres and festivals throughout the U.K, Europe and Australia and has established a reputation for innovative, arresting, accessible performances.
Pelat is a proposal that erases the boundaries
the interaction with the audience, creating a sense of community, collective action, and an experience of taking part in an ephemeral ritual.
Pelat is silence, expectation, movement, tension,
poetry and balance.

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